In 2016 we completed a major rebuild of a Manitowoc 4600 crane. It took almost 6 months to completely restore this 200 ton monster which had fallen over (an insurance rebuild).

Because the frame was bent, we had to pull every piece apart, straighten the chassis and rework everything from the ground up. Once we gutted the entire machine, we started the long process putting it back together again. Every bearing, every piece was inspected and replaced using either original Manitowac parts or custom built parts, manufactured from scratch by our incredible team.

As with all our heavy equipment projects, we take the time to repair or replace every piece and ensure that when any machine leaves our yard, it is ready to work hard for years to come. We really take pride in giving new life to these old beauties!

Wheeler has more experience than anyone around when it comes to repairing and restoring heritage (mechanical) cranes. We have worked on Manitowoc, American, Washington, Lima and more.


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