BLADECORE - the highest quality replacement blades on the market.

Cutting metal is never easy work.

BladeCore founder Bruce Bacon, has spent his career increasing the efficiency of this process for the scrap metal and demolition industries. Wheeler Equipment is proud to be a distributor of these impressive products.

Through our experience working with the design and manufacture of mobile shears, we’ve discovered great success with a specialized material called Chrome Boron which provided the best value of any blade we ever ran.

A blade made from Chrome Boron isn’t too hard, but not too soft either.  Chrome Boron blades give an extended life over a typical blade, while at the same time providing the flexibility in a blade that our customers are looking for because it reduces cracking and breaking.  Many of our customers report a 20-30% increase in production over a standard blade with this material. 

On select models, we also work with a different type of material composed of 4% Nickel which we refer to as the High Alloy blade.  The nickel content in this material makes the blade extremely tough, and in many cases has doubled our customers’ production.  This blade performs particularly well in the hardest of conditions like cable, rebar, and stainless.

Need bolts and shims as well?

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