Yarders are sturdy pieces of machinery, but there inevitably comes a time when you or your company will need to invest in repairs, even for the heartiest of timber industry-related machines. That’s where the experts Wheeler Equipment enter the picture.

At Wheeler, we understand that downtime – when your yarder is broken or not in good working condition – means a loss of money for you, so we use our decades of experience in the logging industry to offer you quick and complete repairs done by experts in the field as well as regular maintenance visits and options for rebuilding current equipment.

On-site repairs

In our industry, it’s essential that you spend as little time without your equipment as possible. So, we’ll come to you to address any problems you’re having with your yarder or other equipment.

Our field experts travel throughout British Columbia and beyond on a regular basis, providing service to companies that need either a quick fix or a more extensive repair. Our goal is to have your yarder up and running in as little time as possible.

Our technicians will inspect your machinery upon arrival, assess the problem, determine what parts are needed – if any, and then install those parts or tweak the existing parts. Your yarder may never need to leave your property, which allows you to get back to business more quickly once repairs are made. We’ll even do an entire rebuild on-site, when necessary!

Repair, replace, or rebuild?

Yarders and other logging industry equipment are expensive and sometimes repairs are out of the question or the price of the repair is sky-high. That’s why we offer you a rebuild option, which is much less expensive than replacing your outdated, tired machinery.

Rebuilds, which include the best in updated technology, provide you with a much more efficient machine than your old one. In addition, a newly-rebuilt yarder will be less-expensive to maintain than your original one and likely easier to handle as well, thanks to extensive system upgrades.

In addition, when we tackle a rebuild, we don’t just do the same old, same old. We take each individual yarder into consideration and craft a customized plan that’s best for your machine. We’ll also take time to discuss the challenges associated with your work and with your site and configure the rebuild so that it meets those challenges. You just tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen.

Remote Control packages for yarders

If you want your yarder to be super state-of-the-art, Wheeler Equipment can create a cordless remote control system for you, which will allow you to operate your boom and guy lines with just the push of a few buttons or levels.

Sometimes, in the logging business, operating your machinery from outside the cab is necessary for safety reasons. We recognize that the safety of your team is paramount, so we offer this option to keep your operators far from hazards that could seriously injure them.

Our remote packages are also helpful when you’re low on manpower. With the use of this state-of-the-art system, just one person can do jobs that normally require two or more crew members. That can help you reduce costs related to personnel as well.

Our expertise isn’t limited!

At Wheeler, we are long-time specialists in maintaining, repairing, and retrofitting many types of cable- related machinery and hydraulic equipment. Though we consider ourselves to be experts in Washington brand machines and equipment, we’ve also worked on machines manufactured my numerous other companies including Madill, Manitowoc, American, Washington, Leibherr, Sennebogen, Sierra, Skagit, and more.

We’re proud of the fact that our knowledge allows us to apply our expertise to just about any piece of heavy equipment that uses cables or hydraulics though our clients primarily come from the logging and mining industries.

So, whether you require:

  • Clutch repairs
  • Clutch modernization
  • Hydraulic optic repairs
  • Undercarriage repairs
  • Or other upgrades or rebuilds…

…Wheeler Equipment is your one-stop shop for yarder service in the Greater Vancouver area and throughout British Columbia. Whether you’re seeking emergency repairs, regular maintenance, or an estimate on a rebuild, we’re eager to talk to you about how we can help. Call us today for a consultation.

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