78 Super SL

Washington Model 78SL

Running Skyline, or Slacking Skyline Mobile Yarder

Washington Logging Equipment Model 78-40’s and 78A’s have been the industry standard for mobile swing careers operating running skyline systems. Good logging practice dictates most efficient logging is accomplished at distances less than 1,000 feet. Actual practice requires longer distances to handle the layout in some cases – – – and WLE has developed the Model 78SL to operate as a running skyline, or as a slackline system for the longer distance. The skyline drum (or rear main for funning skyline applications) can be converted easily in the field by adding or removing lagging as needed for the type of yarding to be done.

The 78SL maintains the swing capability permitting the logs to be decked on small landings. The swing capability eases the movement of the log through narrow roads when selective logging. The yarder can be swung to lead when changing roads, thus minimizing set up time. Two of the guy lines are “walking type” so the yarder can be moved down the road, relocating only one guyline while leaving the other in place.

The 78SL maintains the wide drum design which keeps speed and pulls as close to equal at the head tree and tail tree as possible. Fewer wraps also means less pressure and damage on the bottom layers of line.


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