The term “recycling” was certainly a buzz word in the late 20th century…and it still is! After all, recycling is essential to the health of our planet, and the collection of recycled materials from homes, offices, and industry is crucial to successfully reducing the waste that blankets the earth. That’s why more and more communities continue to up their recycling efforts and why more countries are jumping on the recycling bandwagon.

Of course, keeping used materials out of our nation’s landfills by re-purposing them for a variety of new uses is the best way to reduce our overall carbon footprint, to keep our country clean, and to conserve scarce resources. As such, we must have an efficient recycling process in place, and that demands both manpower and machine power.

Recycling facilities need such machinery as shredders, granulators, pulverizers, and size reduction equipment that reduces materials to a smaller, more manageable size. Scrap handlers (or material handlers) are also essential to good recycling and are charged with task of sorting, piling up, and loading the shredded and mixed scrap.

Recycling equipment

The recycling industry has become a focus for Wheeler Equipment as a result of our many years spent working on cable machines and Washington yarders. We’ve found that our experience goes hand in hand with the repair and rebuilding of material handlers for recycling and we’re happy to be able to contribute in some way to furthering the ability to recycle materials of all sorts in an efficient and cost-saving manner.

Because many yarders and line loaders have been converted to handlers and because we’re the area experts on such machinery, it was natural for us to become the go-to location for the repair of material handlers, especially those built by Sennebogen and Leibherr. We know the hydraulics and mechanical workings of these machines intimately and, as such, our work in this industry continues to grow.

Wheeler Equipment has also become repair central for recycling grapples and electromagnets and our crew of experts can also complete repairs on Sierra bailers, Aljohn mobile bailers, Overbuilt car bailers, and shearers. In addition, we also work on Ohio, Sterns and Hubble crane electromagnets.

Equipment rebuilding

Material handlers aren’t super complex machines though there are plenty of things that can go wrong or wear out with the passing of time and heavy use. Whether they are being used in recycling or in forestry, construction, or some other industry, these machines need to function at their best at all times. When something goes wrong and repairs don’t seem to be the answer, replacing these behemoths might seem to be the only option. But that can be so costly!

So, rather than purchase new equipment, Wheeler offers the option of a rebuild, which can be a huge money saver for any business. As a matter of fact, Wheeler has completed or is working on complete rebuilds of such equipment, including – most recently – a Leibherr 934C, an excellent piece of machinery that will enjoy a new life with this custom rebuild.

As with any rebuilds, we work closely with the client, listening to their needs and wants and recommending options based on our expertise. When we brainstorm and make decisions together, the result is a “like-new” piece of machinery that functions well and can be had for just a fraction of the cost of a new handler or other piece of machinery.

If you’re interested in talking more about the repair or rebuilding of your recycling industry equipment, such as scrap handlers, we’d be happy to come to your location to view your machinery and offer our opinion on how to proceed. For more information, call 604-882-9995 or get in touch by completing the contact form on this website.


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