Yarders and other kinds of logging equipment are expensive, so as these machines age or when they break down, it becomes necessary to give careful thought as to how to proceed when repair or replacement might be in order. For most individuals in the logging industry, the bottom line matters, but so does safety and efficiency, so deciding how to proceed takes some thought.

So, what’s the best option when your yarder needs an update or upgrade? What will pay off in the long-run and what will provide you with the best bang for your buck?

Considering a yarder rebuild

At Wheeler Equipment, we have a motto that says, “Every nut, every bolt – we fix everything!”. And it’s true! We know everything there is to know about yarders so we’re intimately familiar with each piece of this all-important logging machine. Simply put, Wheeler repairs, re-manufactures and build yarders from scratch, so we need to know our stuff.

That’s why, each year, many clients turn to us to ask us to rebuild their existing yarder(s). And we’ve done just that. Thanks to our expansive location on River Road in Delta, we have the space to take your existing yarder and turn it into a machine that will not only function better but one that will last for many more years. We redesign parts to 21st century standards and we bring in 3rd party components when necessary so that every machine we service is fully modernized. Thanks to our good working relationships with companies such as John Deere and Caterpillar, we have access to the best parts available.

We’re eager to talk to our customers about their needs for a yarder rebuild and can zero in on the problems they’d like to solve with their current machine as well as the changes they’d like to make. During rebuilds, we carefully examine every little piece and determine what can be reused and what needs to be replaced. In addition, even though we’re experts in Washington yarders – we own complete drawings for every Washington yarder ever made – we’re familiar with other brands as well and can complete rebuilds on Madill, Berger, and Skagit yarders, too.

Those considering a rebuild of their current yarder should schedule a meeting with Stu Wheeler Sr. or one of his staff of experts to determine specifics including the cost of the rebuild as well as the timeline for completion.

Retrofitting your existing yarder

The term “retrofitting” refers to adding something (a component or accessory) that was not present when the original item was manufactured. So, for example, if we were retrofitting your yarder to make it more up-to-date, we would suggest the addition of other components that have not been a part of your yarder previously, all in the interest of making it more efficient or easier to operate.

One of our most popular retrofits involves adding a “remote” package to yarders of yesteryear, when such technology was not available. This cordless remote system will allow you or your team to operate your boom and guy lines with just the push of a button or the pull of a lever.

This kind of retrofit also allows companies to save money on man hours because with the remote some of the jobs that demanded two employees become one-person jobs. In addition, remote controls can make logging safer in many instances, allowing team members to operate from outside the cab when necessary. Our customers who’ve chosen this retrofit say it’s one of the best investments they’ve ever made.

Other retrofitting options might include camera systems, tension monitoring systems, GPS, machine diagnostics for troubleshooting problems, and new cabs with better ergonomics to decrease operator fatigue.

There are countless new developments in logging equipment and the owners and staff at Wheeler Equipment can assist you in selecting retrofits that could benefit you and your team of employees without the need to buy expensive, totally new equipment that will severely impact your bottom line.

For more information on yarder rebuilds and retrofitting, contact Wheeler Equipment for price and timeline information as well as details on how we can rebuild your yarder at your location. Call or email us for further details.


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