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At Wheeler Equipment, yarders are our specialty. We’re experts at repairing and refurbishing yarders for resale, offering to our customers quality equipment for a fraction of the price of a brand new yarder. We offer yarders for sale that we know will be a good buy for our customers and are proud of our reputation for quality work and customer service.

Wheeler employs a staff of expert mechanics and machinists who are well-versed in the details of the yarders used in today’s logging industry. Combined, that group of individuals has decades of experience working with products from Washington, Madill, and other high-quality yarder manufacturers and can take a machine from barely working to working efficiently.

Why? Because we know logging. Company owner Stu Wheeler began his career as a mechanic for an iron works and after spending a decade working on Washington log loaders and other similar equipment, he left to try his hand at logging. It was during that time that other loggers recognized the value of Stu’s experience with Washington equipment and, before long, he was working on their loggers and loaders, fixing common and not-so-common problems and saving his clients the money they would have spent on replacing those expensive pieces of machinery.

And the rest, as they say, is history! Wheeler Equipment continues to repair and refurbish equipment and also offers yarders for sale for those who are looking for a good deal on equipment and don’t mind taking a chance on a quality piece that’s not new but has been restored by Stu and the gang and is once again in excellent working condition.

Check out our list of yarders for sale, which includes photos of each and a list of what repairs have been made. We also offer a variety of yarder and loader parts for sale. For more information, call Wheeler Equipment at (604) 882-9995.