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Madill – Refits, Upgrades and Repairs

Tired of working that maze of controls and levers? Done with training new people to maneuver your machinery? What if you could do everything with a touchscreen?

Bring us your Madill machine and we will strip it down and rebuild it and get you back in business with a more efficient machine that’s easier to handle and less expensive to maintain.

Our work includes a total electronic system upgrade and hydraulics package like only Wheeler Equipment can do it.

We customize every unit we work on so you know you’re getting the best solution for your equipment. All our control packages are highly configurable and programmed to meet the challenges of your site. Tell us what you’d like and we will make it happen or just ask for the works and we will provide our standard package which is really incredible.

Madill upgrades available:

  • Air system/winch control update
  • Complete cab retrofit
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Computer system
  • Hydraulics upgrade

Wheeler air system retrofits are not legendary yet, but we’re getting there!

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Remote Packages

We can set even you up to operate your boom and guy-lines all from a handheld cordless remote control system.

With a Wheeler Equipment customized REMOTE CONTROL package for your machine so you can operate ‘outside the cab’ from a different and often safer vantage point. Often, our remote solution will allow you to get your yarding work done with a crew of one instead of 2.

Our remote package, combined with a complete cab retrofit will have you working safer and faster than ever.

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General Repairs

  • Rotek bearing replacement
  • Clutch repairs
  • Clutch modernization
  • Hydraulic optic repairs
  • Undercarriage repairs


Tell me more about your Madill Air System Upgrades

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